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Jamii Saylor has over 30 years of Practice Management experience and holds his Associate of Science Degree in Human Resources Management and is currently pursuing his Masters in Business Management and Business Law with a PhD in Psychology.

He is the owner of Saylor Consulting and Solutions as well as an owner of Saylor Physical Therapy of Palm Beach Gardens, Lake Mary ,Mooresville, West Palm Beach, Cornelius and Jupiter. He has most recently launched Saylor Medical Management and Saylor Physical Therapy of Wellington and Palm Beach Island!

Jamii has a huge love of design and has also designed and decorated over 20 different clinics, homes and other businesses for various Clients. He prefers a distinct style of coastal or fall colors. He has personally designed every single SPT clinic he currently owns.

He has worked for over 10 years with his Saylor Consulting and Solutions team to perfect the Saylor PT clinic not only on the therapy and treatment side but on the billing and operations sides as well to further make our patients experience 100% smooth.

Our goal is to make the only concern for our patients “getting better”!

Jamii is also a Certified Physical Therapy Aide, as well as an Certified Professional Coach and an Certified Life Coach Therapist.

In 2021 Jamii is launching a Medicaid based expansion for Physical Therapy Care under Saylor Medical Management in North Carolina and is excited to provide the best care possible to everyone now. 

In what extra free time Jamii has he devotes to speaking engagements all over the USA and for all types of events. Feel free to check out his speaking page on this website.